Here We Go Again NC! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse – by: Jason R. Thigpen

Voter Suppression

January 16, 2014

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, NC’s GOP patriarch takes us another step back by postponing the special election for the now vacant 12th Congressional district seat, held formerly by African-American Democrat Mel Watt. It’s almost like North Carolina is competing to become a new reality show. Perhaps a good title would be “Discrimination Nation”.

This is a clear example as to how destructive elected officials can be, especially when the super-majority Republican representatives appear to have been bought and paid for. Good luck settling-up that tab.

I can honestly tell you that it is overt acts like this usurping the true voice of the people, which will lead to the mass exodus of many other Republicans not just in North Carolina but around the country as well. So I guess I should actually be thankful for your continued efforts. However, I would caution you to remember the pendulum swings both ways.

Which North Carolinians have asked for less representation, fewer rights, and little choice? Did the fine people of NC’s 12th Congressional district say they don’t want representation?

The GOP message in NC, through cowardly acts like this, will merely prove that a message of fear and hate will not work for long because people aren’t scared anymore. And what is a fire without air or a sailboat without wind? Silent.

We must get out the vote and stand together because every vote does count and every voice does matter.

United & Untied

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