Thigpen speaks out on Gov. McCrory’s election delay

January 16, 2014

Thigpen speaks out on Gov. McCrory’s election delay

Wilmington, NC—Today Jason Thigpen, Democratic candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, spoke out about Gov. McCrory’s decision to delay the election to replace Rep. Mel Watt. Rep. Watt represented NC’s 12th District until he resigned his seat on the first day of the legislative year to become director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

“I urge Gov. McCrory to do the right thing with the special election to replace Rep. Mel Watt in North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District,” said Thigpen. “To delay this election until November deprives more than 700,000 citizens representation in the U.S. House of Representatives for almost a year. It’s beyond ridiculous honestly.”

“Gov. McCrory’s argument that a special election would be too costly and logistically challenging does not provide an acceptable rationale for depriving thousands of citizens of equal representation as guaranteed under the Constitution. And let’s consider this; which North Carolinians have asked for less representation, fewer rights, and little choice? Did the fine people of NC’s 12th Congressional district say they don’t want representation?”

Jason Thigpen is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. A combat-wounded Veteran, and recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, Thigpen has been instrumental in advocating for legislative change in multiple states as well as federally to ensure the rights and benefits of our nations’ veterans and military families. He grew up in Wilmington and currently resides with his wife and family in Holly Ridge.

For more information, visit or contact his campaign at or call 910-777-3278.

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